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Jul 24, 2010 7:00am PDT
to will out of here. it is a bad thing. he was supposed to move out this weekend. >> and he served in the u.s. navy for 20 years and leaves a wife, seven year-old daughter in the philippines. in oakland, kron 4 news haaziq madyun. >> kaiser permanente a released that we >> 1996 lexus. after this, to death, and both robberies from the same block. to different depths. >> neptune court, small, two deaths. >> and with fake gregg's liscrad not only are these eight dead end street, these are also dead end street. you conceded there is not a lot of traffic and also this neighborhood, there are many homes that are empty, foreclosed. a moving van in front of this all right for the attacks happened. in one case, july 7th, 59 year-old and his son came to this block. and they're looking for the address of this home but it does not have a car for sale. when the knock on the door, the home owner answered and said that there were mistaken. when they were leaving here, there were attacked. >> he asked if we had a car for sale? >> and i said no. >> and two minutes later, we heard a lot of noise, and his head
Jul 31, 2010 7:00am PDT
in that request was denied. both sides will make their arguments and november and the san francisco tonight u.s. district court of appeals. supporters need it because the federal government has not been doing its job. also fueling this debate the economy and the recession and that illegal immigrants take jobs. and right, wrong, americans are not showing up to work the hardest. >> and right before dawn, and laborers in the california desert besides triple deserdespt temperatures, they will show up in full gear. and these are all mexican veterans. and the rocky american today, will join them for a full day of work. the only person in short sleeves and do not know what they're doing. >> and this man has worked in the fields for 32 years and knows these grapevines. and he is teaching me the trade. >> and you have to get rid of the green ones, those are way down and if you miss them? and then make it to the crushers store? and then they complain to the store? the complaint to the ranch, and in the ranch complains to me, the workers. and he makes $8 per hour, and to pack boxes, and maria is loading u
Jul 25, 2010 8:00am PDT
included. taking a look at the world is a sunday morning to nuclear- powered u.s. is for carrier is leaving upon a armada of four shot. this practice is intended as a signal that aggression by north korea will not be tolerated north korea has threatened to block the exercises that is threatening nuclear attack is prompted. in afghanistan the telegram said it is holding one of two soldiers who disappeared friday on the eastern part of the country to the older soldier was reportedly killed an afghan official said captors are offering to hand over the body in exchange for jailed insurgents. in west germany a deadly stampede in a popular techno music festival left 19 people dead. it happened as concert goers were trying to move through the only entrance to the so called love parade festival and not lead to all-out panic. it appears some of the victims were crushed to death appeared more than 300 others were injured after police blocked off one end of this tunnel. organizers have ended the love parade indefinitely. still ahead on kron 4 news weekend more new this and report have a full check of
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3